our story

Huon Candle Co. was  established in 2019 by myself, Nina Haugland. I am a full time homeschooling mumma of two little ladies & we live in our small hometown of Cygnet in the Huon Valley, Southern Tasmania.

My girls are my world but being just 15 months apart, life has been busy. Not so busy that Postnatal Depression didn’t have time to sneak into our lives & take hold. My mental health condition was left undiagnosed for over 18 months which nearly broke me & our family.

Undiagnosed Postnatal Depression is something that no mother, father or family should have to endure & more light needs be shed on the condition to ensure it is recognized no matter how uncomfortable it may be to face.

Anyway.... back to candles!

Not long after my diagnosis I happened to stumble across a candle making tutorial while searching for DIY gift ideas. I quickly fell in love with candle making & it quite literally became my light in the darkness.

Huon Candle Co. played an enormous role in bringing me out of the darkness. To have a creative outlet again was exactly what I needed during that particular time in my life. Being a stay at home mum is an incredible roller coaster ride that I wouldn't trade for the world, but when you catch yourself telling "that poo story" for the third time within a week you know its time to find something for yourself again, whatever that may be - for me it was candles!

I hope you love these products as much as I have loved creating them for you,  may they bring light & beauty into your world while reminding you that you are not alone & we will be always be stronger together xx

*I encourage anyone who may be experiencing any dark times or know someone who is to reach out. See below links to some helpful PND & Mental Health resources

PANDA           Beyond Blue          Quest For Life Foundation           Raising Children